Compounds AG energy concept

Our Philosophy

During new construction of the building, POLYGENA managed to give life to a pioneering, ecological and sustainable concept as regards housing technology. Heating and cooling system of the facilities are formidably ecological: the resulting heat in excess from production process is used primarily for heating purposes, the downstream cooling process takes place through heat exchange with the water of the lake situated in Pfäffikon.

Grafik Seewassernnutzung

The Technical Concept

Due to the strong development of heat during production, machineries need to be cooled down. The excess heat is primarily used for heating production halls, Offices and also service water. Despite the most modern technical concept, a surplus of heat is generated. The excess heat is further transferred to the lake of Pfäffikon, thorugh an heat exchange pump system. Vice versa, it is possible to extract lake water, in order to create energy (heat) through the heating pump for building heating purposes.

The system is based on a concept, where the contact between lake waters and cycle waters of production is to be excluded.

The building is also provided with two steam generators. Steam is generated out of water, specially prepared for this purpose and it is used for the vulcanisation of rubber profiles.

Since the early stages, project designers have involved relevant cantonal specialist departments to protect the lake and the protected moorland. During all steps of Installation of piping and contruction of the pumping station, ecological aspects have been taken into account. An independen hydrologist has been involved during implementation stage to safeguard the protected moorland. Positive effects on the ecosystem were also due to the short construction period, which was completed in less than eight weeks.

The General concept of energy winning will allow to serve also other surrounding users in the future.

Grafik Seewassernnutzung

System of lake waters exploitation: two independent water circuits for conveyance of excess heat, for building heating purposes.


Since many years, Compounds is highly concerned about sustainability. The energy concept of our production plant is just a part of our efforts. The use of renewable energy, reduction of waste, waste waters and emissions are common practices.